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LuEsther T. Mertz Library
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The New York Botanical Garden Vertical Files

Browse the Library's collection of vertical files relating to the history of The New York Botanical Garden


Conservatory Area
Conservatory Galas (See Spring Parties and Annual Galas
Conservatory History and Photographs
Conservatory Awards
Conservatory Landmark Designation - October 1973
Conservatory Displays, Exhibits, Plantings (See Exhibits Page)
Conservatory Plant Lists 1941-1980
Conservatory Publicity
Conservatory Renovation
Conservatory Reopening
Guggenheim - Gift of Greenhouse -1917-1918 and Central Display House and Orchid House - 1919
Haupt Conservatory
Haupt Conservatory - Admission fee
Haupt Conservatory - Advertising Photography
Haupt Conservatory - Audio Tours
Haupt Conservatory Awards - Municipal Art Society 1979
Haupt Conservatory- Brochures, various (See Haupt Conservatory guide)
Haupt Conservatory- Economic plants
Haupt Conservatory- Fern Forest
Haupt Conservatory- Permanent displays 1982
Haupt Conservatory- Plant Inventory 1984
Haupt Conservatory- Promotion -1981/1982
Haupt Conservatory- Publicity misc.
Haupt Conservatory-Renovation 1978
Haupt Conservatory- Renovation 1990 -
Haupt Conservatory- Shows and displays various
Haupt Conservatory- Spring Flower shows various
Haupt Conservatory- Tours
Fire (Conservatory)  
New York Landmark Conservancy Chairman's Award 1980 - Enid Haupt Conservatory
Sensory Trail: A Conservatory Walk