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The New York Botanical Garden Vertical Files

Browse the Library's collection of vertical files relating to the history of The New York Botanical Garden

Lectures, Talks, & Symposia

Lecture Committee
Lectures: Patron Lectures
Science, Conservation and Humanities Seminars
Speakers Bureau
Symposium: Advances in Neotropical Plant Systematics and Floristics
Symposium: Alexander von Humboldt 2016
Symposium: Allergenic Plants 1983
Symposium: APGA Conservatory
Symposium: Art and the Landscape 1992
Symposium: Artistry in Flowers
Symposium: Backyard Ecology 1972
Symposium: Bamboos 1989
Symposium: Bangkok, Thailand 1980
Symposium: Beverages 1976
Symposium: Bicentennial 1976
Symposium: Botanical Dermatology 1985
Symposium: Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 1980
Symposium: Change for Survival 1968
Symposium: Children's Science Books 1986
Symposium: Chinese Healing Arts 1990
Symposium: Climate Changes 2006
Symposium: Commemorating Carl Linnaeus 1978
Symposium: Complete College Garden 1992
Symposium: Conservation Conversations 2009
Symposium: Continuing Education in Cultural Institutions 1980
Symposium: Darwin 21st Century Perspectives 2008
Symposium: European Garden Style 1989
Symposium: Garden Design in America 1989
Symposium: Gardening by the Sea 1983
Symposium: Gardening for Beginners 1992
Symposium: Gardening in a Changing Climate
Symposium: Geographical Data Organization for Rare Plant Conservation 1977
Symposium: Growing Vegetables 1985
Symposium: Healing Plants- Myths, Magic and Medicine 1992
Symposium: Herbals and Herbal Medicine 1980
Symposium: Historic Landscapes and Gardens 1982
Symposium: Horticulture Therapy 1984
Symposium: Human Resources Management in Cultural Institutions 1982
Symposium: Integrated Disease and Pest Management 1984
Symposium: International Symposium on Urban Horticulture 1983
Symposium: Japanese Garden Design 1987- 1990
Symposium: Landscape Design in America 1991
Symposium: Landscaping with Flowering Shrubs 1987
Symposium: Landscaping with Perennials 1985/1986
Symposium: Landscaping with Perennials 1987 - 1991
Symposium: Native American Herbalism 1980
Symposium: Natural Materials in Frangrance and Falvor 1980
Symposium: Neotropical Montane Forests 1993
Symposium: New Perennials 1983
Symposium: New Trends in Landscape Design  1989
Symposium: Nutrition and Cancer 1984
Symposium: Nutrition Cultism Education Department 1982
Symposium: Orchid Biology 1983
Symposium: Our Northeastern Forests 1991
Symposium: Perennials Plants for the 80's 1984
Symposium: Perennials The New Perennials 1983
Symposium: Plant Conservation 1986
Symposium: Plant Tissue Culture 1982
Symposium: Plants for the Connoisseur 1985
Symposium: Plants as Alternative Energy Sources 1982
Symposium: Plants for Health and Healing 1991
Symposium: Plants in Our Lives in the 80's 1981
Symposium: Poisonous Plants of the Urban and Suburban Environment 1979
Symposium: The Power of Place 1991
Symposium: Professional Practice for Designers 1988
Symposium: Psychoactive Plants 1984
Symposium: Psychoactive Plants 1986
Symposium: Rare and Endangered Plants 1976
Symposium: Rock Gardening 1985
Symposium: The Romantic Garden 1991
Symposium: Rooftop Garden Design 1985
Symposium: Roots of Life 1986
Symposium: Roses, Roses, Roses 1992
Symposium: Successful Education Programs in Cultural Institutions 1989
Symposium: Thai-USA Cooperative Science Program 1980
Symposium: Tobacco 1981
Sympsium: Traditional Uses of Herbs - Amerindian Ethnobotany 1985
Symposium: Tropical Forest Medical Resources and the Conservation Biodiverity
Symposium: Vegetable Gardening 1986
Symposium: Viticulture 1985
Symposium: Wildflower Cultivation 1991
Symposium: Winter Landscapes 1990
Winter Lecture Series