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What is ORCID?

ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  Scholars can register with ORCID in order to better track their research and differentiate their publications from those by researchers with similar names.  The graphics below courtesy of the Florida International University Libraries detail some important points about ORCID.

What is ORCID? A persistent digital identifier (your own personal online reserach ID number).  Your public research profile.  Free and quick.
Why you want it.  It distinguishes you from other researchers.  It helps you recieve credit and recognition for your researcher.  It saves you time and lasts a lifetime.  You only input once and reuse it often.
Get started!  Register online in less than 30 seconds at  Add your research information.  Use your ORCID ID everywhere - submit publications, apply for grants, share your cv, and more.

Why should you sign up with ORCID?

Oftentimes researchers will enroll with ORCID because a journal or granting body requires them to do so.  However, rather than creating an ORCID and forgetting it, it's wise to get the most out of the service.

In fact, certain publishers automatically create ORCID profiles for authors who publish in their journals and do not already have this identifier (source).  It's wise to claim your ORCID profile so that you can be sure the information on the site is correct and that your preferred privacy settings are in place.

Brief FAQ

  • ORCID is non-profit.
  • There are three privacy options that you can select for your profile. These options control who is able to see your profile.
    • Public profiles are visible to everyone. 
    • Limited Access profiles are visible only to trusted, authorized parties (individuals and organizations).
    • Private profiles are visible only to the profile-holder and authorized parties (individuals).
  • Public data is available for download on the ORCID website, however "ORCID does not share any non-public information about you with other parties. For example, we do not share your information with Members except as set forth herein, and we do not sell your information to marketers, advertisers or other entities." (source)
  • After you set up your profile with ORCID you can designate different ways for new publications to automatically be updated to your profile.  ORCID can automatically add records from  Scopus, Web of Science, Europe PubMed Central and CrossRef, and others to your profile with your permission.  You are also able to manually add publications to your profile.

Further reading

For more information, please see the links below. ORCID encourages users to reach out to their support with questions and concerns.

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