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Virginia Native Plant Society: Home

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The Virginia Native Plant Society has a well-defined mission with a plan and action to preserve its native plant heritage. As a member you will receive their quarterly newsletter Sempervirens Quarterly. It is also available online for anyone interested. There are twelve chapters located throughout the state.

Society Newsletters

A Popular and Showy Perennial

Wild Bergamont, Monarda fistulosa L
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Guy Waterval.

The Wild Bergamont, Monarda fistulosa L., leaves have a minty smell hence they are frequently used for tea. This plant was formerly used to treat respiratory ailments. This herbaceous perennial blooms throughout the summer with lovely lavender, white, or pink flowers.

Recommended Reading

Going Native In Virginia

Please see the website below to learn more about Virginia's native plants. Keeping native plants in your state can accomplish many goals: protecting water quality and quantity, increasing carbon dioxide absorption, enhancing wildlife habitat and improving aesthetics and quality of life.