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Inspired by the achievements of Claude Barr, the Great Plains Native Plant Society's mission is to carry on his legacy by furthering scientific research and to educate the public on the diversity, uses and enjoyment of the plants of the Great Plains.

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Feathery Plumes

Old Man’s Whiskers, Geum triflorum, bloom in the spring
Photo by Charlie McDonald.

Old Man’s Whiskers, Geum triflorum, bloom in the spring and as they fade they display feathery plumes which gives rise to their other common name, Prairie smoke.

Recommended Reading

Claude Barr

Claude A. Barr

Claude A. Barr (1887-1982) was a South Dakota cattle rancher who attained international acclaim as an eminent plantsman of the plains. Through his Prairie Gem Ranch, he supplied Great Plains seeds, plants, and information to the scientific and gardening world for many years. His achievements inspired the formation of the Great Plains Native Plant Society in 1984.