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Missouri Native Plant Societies: Home

Missouri Native Plant Society Logo


According to its website The Missouri Native Plant Society is an organization devoted to the enjoyment, preservation, conservation, restoration, and study of the flora native to Missouri. It has eight chapters located throughout the state. Each chapter enjoys various activities in their area and has a representative on the board at the state level. Their website offers a history of the society from its beginning in 1978.

Society Newsletter

Anyone can check out the up-to-date information about each chapter online through their bi-monthly newsletter, The Petal Pusher. Missouriensis is the Society’s scientific journal containing articles about botanical information and discoveries from the state. They also have a Facebook page with photos and more.

A Native of Missouri

Wild Dittany, Cunila origanoides
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Fritzflohrreynolds

Wild Dittany, Cunila origanoides, is found in several states. This is one of the few flowers in Missouri that form frost flowers in the fall. The leaves of this plant are minty and have been traditionally brewed for tea.

Recommended Reading

Frost Flowers

Frost Flower

Found only in the fall the frost flower is not really a flower at all, they are delicate flowing curls of ice that are created during the first hard freeze. The stem of the plant splits and the sap that is traveling up the stem flows out and freezes on contact with the cold air. As more sap comes out of the stem more ice crystals form into white wavelike shapes that resemble flower petals, silk ribbons or cotton candy.