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Arizona Native Plant Society: Home

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The Arizona Native Plant Society has six chapters throughout the state. Each chapter has a website and several have facebook pages with photos and information on meetings and field trips.

Society Newsletters

As a member of the Arizona Native Plant Society you receive the quarterly online journal Happenings where members are informed of their chapters' news. They also publish a biennial journal called, The Plant Press. This journal offers a more indepth look at native plants, research and conservation.

A Sonoran Desert Gem

The Saguaro, Carnegie gigantea
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Venske.

The Saguaro, Carnegiea gigantea, is found exclusively in the Sonoran desert of Arizona and Mexico. They can grow from 40-60 feet tall and live for up to 150-200 years.


The Pincushion cactus, Mammillaria standleyi, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/musscactiCourtesy of Wikimedia Commons/musscacti

The Pincushion cactus, Mammillaria standleyi, is native to the the Chihuahuan Desert.

In 1976 professionals from diverse plant-related backgrounds founded the Arizona Native Plant Society. They not only wanted to concentrate on native plants but also on Xeriscape, or dryscape, which is a garden that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water by irrigation. It stresses the use of plants that promote water conservation, they don’t necessarily use native plants. In a dry, arid landscape like Arizona, xeriscaping is a viable answer to conserving water. There are many local xeriscape demonstration gardens in Arizona. They provide practical, first-hand examples of plants and plant combinations. The Mesa Xeriscape Demonstration Garden is located on the Mesa Community College Campus is Mesa, Arizona.