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New Mexico Native Plant Societies: Home

     The Native Plant Society of New Mexico Logo

The Native Plant Society of New Mexico has over 800 members from various locations throughout the state. Founded in 1976 the society has grown to include eight chapters which not only covers the state of New Mexico but also includes El Paso, Texas and southwestern Colorado. This society is dedicated to conservation and education of native plants in the hopes that future generations can enjoy the native flora.


Society Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico is published quarterly and is available free to members. It is also available in PDF format on their website for anyone interested.

A Prickly Native of New Mexico

The Pincushion Cactus, Escobaria sneedii


Image courtesy of Wikimedia/Succo.

The Pincushion Cactus, Escobaria sneedii, is a rare and endangered cactus with a small range in southern New Mexico. They grow in clumps with many small spines.

Recommended Reading

Where to see native plants

The Sandia Mountains at sunset

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/G.Thomas.

The Sandia Mountains, as seen looking southeast from Bernalillo, glow at sunset. Below is the Rio Grande River--an enchanting area abundant in native plants.