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Nevada Native Plant Society: Home

The Nevada Native Plant Society


The Nevada Native Plant Society was established for the education, conservation, preservation and appreciation of Nevada’s native plants. They are a great resource on how to find, select, and cultivate native plants for your local area.


Society Newsletter

The Society publishes a monthly Newsletter for members and two irregular publications; Mentzelia takes a more in depth look at topics of interest to members while the Occasional Papers series covers individual botanical topics.

Ancient Trees

The Bristlecone Pine, Pinus longaeva
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/berichard

The Bristlecone Pine, Pinus longaeva, is a long living native species of Nevada that grows in high altitudes of the Great Basin National Park. One of these species claims to be the oldest living tree in the world--over 5 millenniums. They are gnarled and stunted in appearance and as they age lose their bark layer—but in this they are both beautiful and enchanting.

Recommended Reading

Historical Notes

NYBG Botanists Noel and Patricia Holmgren

NYBG Botanists Noel and Patricia Holmgren have explored, collected and studied the flora of the Intermountain states for many years. They, along with several others, have produced a highly acclaimed account of these discoveries in the seven volumes of Intermountain Flora. Fully illustrated and considered to be the leading reference for preservation of natural resources and wilderness areas in the region of the American West.